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It's me again

back finally

do not need to know
academia, aerobics, alice in wonderland, anarchy, antique maps, architecture, art, baking, beaches, beatniks, bed & breakfasts, berries and cream, big toothy smiles, biking, bikinis, bill of rights, black hair, boating, boxers, brazilians, breast implants, candle making, candles, caviar, chaos, chocolate, chop sticks, coffee, computers, cooking, dark chocolate, deconstructionism, detoxification, discussions, eccentrics, ed hardy, espresso royal cafe, essential oils, europe, experiments, fasting, faux finishes, film, floating, free will, french pastry, french pedicures, fresh basil, fun fur, glass-blowing, granite, hand rolls, herb garden, heritage, horse radish, horseback riding, incense, inventions, japanese decor, jewelry making, juice fast, juxtapoz, kimono, laughing, leather, loop-holes, loose tea, love poems, lush, lye, macrobiotic, maki rolls, martinis, massage, metal, metalworking, mindless banter, minimalists, minis, mistaken identities, mitsuwa, mosaic, ocean, old cars, organic, ozone, painting, palm trees, perceptions, personal training, photography, pilates, pin-up fashion, plaster, platinum hair, port, quads, queens, redecorating, responsibility, robin hood, rollerskating, sand, sashimi, sculpting, seattle, seaweed, seaweed wraps, serenades, sewing, silk, single malt scotch, sk8rs, skin, sky scrapers, snorkeling, snowboarding, soap making, spa, spinning, starbucks, stir-fry, stone, sunshine, surfing, surgeon general warnings, sushi, tea, tennis, thai food, theater, thunderstorms, tofu, treno's, tropical islands, truth, vegan, vegetarian, vodka, vogue, wine, wok cooking, yoga, zelda